In 1995, Nicka K New York was founded on the premise that beautiful makeup is essential, and should be an attainable part of a woman’s daily life. The company initially introduced its incredible line of cosmetics to independent retailers, and its commitment to the satisfaction of its clientele, contributed to its exponential growth. Two decades later, thanks to our enormous success, we have expanded further with the founding of sister company, ABSOLUTE NEW YORK– a move necessitated to support our thriving operations, growing teams, and the ceaseless demand for exciting beauty product lines. ABSOLUTE NEW YORK takes a youthful approach to modern beauty, whilst still supported by same backbone ideal as its sister – beauty is essential & should be accessible.
We aim to provide an extensive array of contemporary, professional product lines that offer both trendy and classic necessities. Our teams at Absolute merge innovation, market finesse, and superior product development to create expertly designed offerings that are available at well-known retailers worldwide.
ABSOLUTE NEW YORK aims to provide an extensive array of professional quality product lines to complete any head-to-toe beauty regime. Discover beauty with an urban edge. Feminine, flirty, and fun, it helps women enhance their beauty and to make statements ABSOLUTE NEW YORK SKINCARE boasts an impressive roster of products that have been developed using high-performance formulas and detailed trend-analysis. We bring you products that revolutionize the existing offerings in the market. Our iconic tissues, masks, foot & body care options have been highly sought after for our use of natural botanicals, and incredible quality.